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Mai Linh Corp is well-known as the largest taxi operator in Vietnam with coverage in 63 cities, provinces, and 04 islands. Embracing the mission of bringing superior satisfaction to customers, as well as raising a better quality of life, Mai Linh constantly pursues a new set of values to complete and enhance the company’s services. 

That is why, starting from the Taxi company, Mai Linh Corp has gradually expanded its core business to other related categories such as car rental, e-bus, tourism and travel services, etc. After 27 years of continuous development, nowadays, Mai Linh is a familiar and unreplaced brand name that follows Vietnamese people anywhere across the S-shaped country.

Recently, to respond to the new change in market demands, Mai Linh Corp also put its focus on technological innovation to enrich the provided services and create a truly supportive experience. Mail Linh Mediacom – a media agency that fuses the traditionaltaxi ad method with digital advances, is one of the subsidiaries that was founded for this purpose. 

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